ORTODENT d.o.o is a company involved in a dental busnisess since 1968. The founder of the idea and great visionary dr spec Bozidar Radojicic made his first steps by founding one of the first private dental practices in former Yugoslavia. His vision and clearly concept goals have been successfully implemented in his sons who continued family business and who set their own standards in order to create a satisfied customers. After so many years, company ORTODENT d.o.o today represents leading dental companies such as: SIRONA, FONA, W&H, MELAG, MANFREDI, DURR DENTAL, OPTICA LASER, MULLER OMICRON, HAMMACHER and many others.

Company is involved in sales and servicing dental equipment, consumables, repairing and selling used equipment. Today company ORTODENT employs more than 30 mostly young people of different profiles, highly educated, eager to get new and upgrade the existing knowledge. Constant education of service and sales team has led to the fact that our people are one of most educated in area of selling and servicing dental equipment. Looking back in the past, with the vision of a far future ORTODENT d.o.o.  can be grateful to its creator  dr spec Bozidar Radojicic who started with one, and today company  ORTODENT has four dental practices, business complex of about 6500 m2 , show room, warehouses on two separate locations in Nis, branch offices in Belgrade and Montenegro, and the most important team of  highly qualified staff.   
We want to thank you for trusting in us all these years and helped us to become what we are today.


The purpose of ORTODENT d.o.o is supplying domestic dental practices and state institutions with wide range of high tech dental equipment and consumables. We supply the products form reputable manufacturers of dental equipment and consumable materials.  


ORTODENT d.o.o.  will become leading domestic company for supplying dental practices and state institutions with dental equipment and consumable materials. We are planning on establishing educational center within  ORTODENT d.o.o. with  10 working places, dental laboratory, operating room, beds , where would be able to transfer all our knowledge and help raise dental business to a higher level and be able to take care of each and every patient .


  1. Our prime interest is fulfilling users’ demands. We can solve substandard demands and strive to a constant increase of satisfied customers.
  2. We are offering the products from leading manufacturers who are leaders in in their business and have products of high end quality.
  3. We are striving to nurse and develop representative and distribution on general basis.
  4. We permanently educate employees in order to follow contemporary tendencies in our filed.
  5. We are building and upgrading recognizable codex of business behavior on well established contemporary principles.

Andrija Radoicic

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